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BeOS French FAQ

(pour la version en Français, cliquer sur le petit drapeau en haut)

Welcome to the site of the French BeOS FAQ! If you want to directly read the FAQ, go here. If you want to put this FAQ on your site, read on.

The FAQ is in XML format; It's made of the following files:

To transform this FAQ into a readable format, you'll have to use an xsl script. I've written several scripts to transform this FAQ into html and pure text formats. You must always apply these scripts to the faq.xml file. The parameters you must give to the script are described in comments inside the xsl script. You can take a script and modify it to adapt the presentation to your site's, or use directly one of the results file. All these files can be downloaded in one shot with this zip file. If you need some help to develop your own xsl script, contact me.