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News about dontworry
2/29/04 Dontworry source code now available, under an MIT license.
9/3/03 Beta 3.1 out. Bugs corrections.
4/9/02 Beta 2.4 out. The keywords 'const' and 'virtual' are now handled correctly.
2/7/02 First PPC version.
2/5/02 Correction of the beta 2.3. A small and annoying bug has been corrected.
2/3/02 Beta 2.3 out. An option has been added to enable or disable case sensitivity.
1/28/00 Beta 2.2 out. Code improved, bug corrections, and the cs files now have a mime type, and can be open with the CSViewer application, to see the structure of a BeIDE project.
9/4/01 Beta 2.1 out. Bug corrections, and you can now move the BeIDE window whan the add-on is opened.
8/13/01 Beta 2 out. Bug corrections, the member variables are better recognised, the splash screen can be disabled, and a small bulb appears in BeIDE's window to show that the add-on is correctly installed.
7/12/01 First beta version of DontWorry