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You'll find here some tools to have a PIC development environment under BeOS. Currently there are only ports of the GNU PIC Utilities and of the No Parts PIC Programer.

BeNoPPP is a low cost PIC programer based on noppp. You can see screenshots here and download it here. You'll need to build the programer (details on the original noppp page), and plug it to a parallel port. BeNoPPP is made of a kernel driver to control the programer, and an application with a GUI.

gputils is a group of utilities to do PIC development. There are an assembler, a disassembler, a linker, and a few other tools. All of them work on the command line only.

BeNoPPP is copyright 2004 Sylvain Tertois, based on noppp copyright 2000 Michael Covington. It is an opensource project covered by the MIT license.

gputils is supported by Craig Franklin and Scott Dattalo. It is an opensource project covered by the GPL license.