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These are screenshots of BeHappy in action with the BeBook.

When you click in the "Update" menu, BeHappy looks at all the files in the BeBook folder, and updates its index.

Snapshot: Bebook update

Here is the main window, with a "By Kit" sort. Looks like NetPositive, doesn't it?

Snapshot: BeHappy by kit

In fact it is a NetPositive view inside the BeHappy window. Here, to access the BControl::Invoke() function, I expanded the "Interface Kit" item in the upper list, and selected "BControl". Then I selected "Invoke()" in the list underneath, and the description I wanted appeared on the right.

The Be Classes can also be sorted by inheritance.

Snapshot: BeHappy by inheritance

Here, the BControl class is under BView, BHandler, and BArchivable. When I changed from the "By Kit" sort to the "By Inheritance" sort, BeHappy automaticaly found the first occurence of BControl in the new list. If I click on "Next", BeHappy will select the other occurence of BControl, under BInvoker.