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News about BeHappy
2/29/04 BeHappy source code now available, under an MIT license.
12/15/03 Added the Spanish localisation. Thanks to Oscar Lesta (BiPolar)!
6/23/03 Added the Turkish and Italian localisations. BeHappy is now in a SoftwareValet package, easier to install. Thanks to Mattia Tristo and Atilla Öztürk!
2/17/03 SDK Update. The version 1.06 corrects a few bugs in the localisation system and resolves some link errors in the test application.
5/1/02 Now also localized in Hungarian and Japanese. A Hungarian documentatino is also available. Thanks to Viktor Varga and Koichi Kimura!
3/17/02 Version 1.06 released. Dutch and Portuguese translations. A Dutch documentation is also available. Thanks a lot to Ted Leeuwesteijn and Fernando Oliveira!
9/1/01 Version 1.05 released. A few bug corrections and enhancements.
7/7/01 Version 1.04 released. The german translation isn't complete. A lot of new things there!
7/4/01 My site is now hosted by OVH and I have my own domain name.
12/1/00 German version published.
11/28/00 My site has been removed from BeOSCentral. I don't know why, and they don't answer my mails... So now I'm hosted by BeCenter. Thanks Commander Pickle!
11/26/00 French version released. A german version is coming.
11/1/00 Version 1.03 released. R5 Only. BeHappy now works fine with the new BeBook, and uses now Stephan Assmus' nice icon.
5/13/00 Version 1.02 released. Compatible with R4.5 again. Bug corrections, and scripting support added.
4/3/00 Version 1.01 released. BeHappy is now compatible with R5.
3/31/00 I've just installed BeOS R5, and I discovered Behappy doesn't work with this new version. I think I know what's going wrong. I'll send an update as soon as possible.
12/9/99 Version 1.00 released. Bug corrections, documentation, and development kit released.
11/14/99 New BETA-3 Version. A lot of changes here! I've corrected some bugs and rewritten some parts of the application. Add-ons are now supported, some are available on the download page. The BeBook add-on should now work well. I'm working on the documentation ;-)
10/7/99 New BETA-2 Version. I've corrected some bugs. This version is still BeBook-only. I'm working on the add-on version.
  • BFileGameSound no longer appears in the main index (with the august 31th update of the Be Book).
  • Background Images and BDeskbar added in the index
  • Tracker, UserInterface Guidelines, and Screen savers are now classified as "other" (instead of being with the other kits)
  • The 'B_' constants, the defined types and the global variables are in the "topics index". I don't really know if I should let them here, put them in the "functions index" or in another index... (and now all the 'B_' constants are here)
  • I've corrected some bugs in the parser, and a huge memory leak. (There's still some leaks, but it's very painful to debug ;-)
  • A new bug: in the 'by inheritance' list, some classes are classified as being inherited from themselves. I'll correct this stupid bug in the next release.