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News about 3D Morph
2/29/04 3DMorph source code now available, under an MIT license.
3/27/02 Version 1.10 released. A small bug correction, and I made a 'high density' version, that uses objects with more points.
7/4/01 My site is now hosted by OVH, with my own domain name.
6/9/01 Version 1.09 released. A few bug corrections. I don't maintain the ppc version anymore because I don't have a ppc box to test it on, and I don't get any feedback from ppc users anymore...
12/3/00 I've finished the version 1.08. A few bugs have been corrected, and the new 3D renderer (from 1.069) is now 'officially' in 3DMorph. The files will be available for downloading as soon as the PPC version has been tested.
11/28/00 My site has been removed from BeOSCentral. I don't know why, and they don't answer my mails... So now I'm hosted by BeCenter. Thanks Commander Pickle!
11/12/00 The toolkit is now available.
7/23/00 New beta version for Intel. Minor bugs corrected. (well for some persons it was a MAJOR bug ;-)
7/18/00 Success! The PPC version works on ONE PPC machine, so it's now beta. I hope it will work on all PPC machines! Thank you to Christian D. Lindemer for his help
7/17/00 New PPC alpha version. Again I'm not sure wether this version works, but I'm sure the previous one didn't ;-)
6/17/00 I've compiled 3DMorph 1.06 for PPC. But I don't have any PowerPC machine to test it. I'm looking forward to receiving feedback from PPC users!
5/28/00 As it looks like BeOS' future hardware OpenGL implementation won't support my TNT card, 3DMorph OpenGL won't come out very soon either. So I've rewritten my 3d engine to do something nicer. It's still in a beta stage (available on my download page), and I hope an 'official' version will be out soon. I'm also working on a PPC port, and a toolkit to help creating new objects.
12/1/99 version 1.06 released. I've corrected a bug in memory management. Versions before 1.06 caused the ScreenSavers panel to crash when the user switched to another screen saver and to 3D Morph back again.
11/28/99 version 1.05 released. The shading was done the wrong way round. I've corrected this bug.
11/27/99 version 1.04 released. I put back software double buffering for those who have problems with the hardware version, and I added a few parameters.
10/28/99 Version 1.03 (unofficial). I corrected the perspective.
10/27/99 version 1.02 released. Double buffering now really works! It doesn't use more CPU than simple buffering. (Thanks to Stephan Assmus who showed me how to use BWindowScreens in screen savers)
10/22/99 version 1.01 released. Users who had some flickering can now use a double buffering mode. Unfortunately this uses a lot of CPU because the second buffer is in main RAM, and not on the graphics card. If someone knows how to use a BWindowScreen in a screen saver, I'm interested. The 3D objects are now cached in memory, so the saver won't access the hard drive each time 3D Morph changes of object any more.
9/25/99 I've found a host for my page (BeOSCentral). Files are now available for downloading.
9/21/99 1.0 release version.