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Create new objects

You can make your own objects and add them to 3D Morph's list. When you click on the "Add..." button, a filepanel opens and let you choose a file. 3DMorph expects a text file.

Any line that doesn't start with the '#' character is considered as a commentary line.

The first line with a '#' must be:


where n is the number of points in your object. It's better to have about 1000 points. Most of the objects included with 3DMorph have 1024 points, and some have 1020 points.

Then you must have n lines like this:

#P x y z r g b

The six numbers are floats. x y and z are the coordinates of a point, between -1 and 1. r g and b describe the color of the point, and must each be between 0 and 1.

The text file can be in DOS or Be mode. If you make a nice object, please send it to me, I'd be happy to include it in the download page.

If you want an example, you can take one of my objects in the download page. You can also download a toolkit, which make objects creation easier. It can use bitmap images to generate simple objects, and C++ classes to generate more complex ones.